Deliv2 operates Micro Service Centres (MSC) near to city centres, combined with the use of cargo e-bikes and trailers we efficiently and cleanly move parcels and goods in and around city centres.

The Last Mile

Ordered online? Parcels through large networks are channelled through to our Micro Service Centres. We take care of the last mile delivery of these parcels.

Technology Led

Our world class software provides the means for local businesses and consumers to book  and monitor the progress of their same day deliveries and collections.

Community and Business

Deliv2 operate for local businesses and the community to provide a sustainable local same day logistics service you can all rely on.

Business Friendly

Florists, Gifts, Food, Healthcare, Documents, Parts for Industry? Regular deliveries needed? Set up an account with us and gain access to your own booking portal and control of your Deliv2 same day deliveries.


A zero emission service to collect your recyclable waste.

Advertise while we work

As we move around your town or city we could be promoting your business on our electric vehicles.

At home

Deliv2 can collect your 'click and collect' or purchases from EBay, get your parcel to a post office or drop off point, or bring your medications and dry cleaning.

Leisure time

In the park and want to order a takeaway or refreshments? Book Deliv2 to collect and bring your order to your exact location.  Lots of shopping? We can collect and deliver to your car.

Event Services

Serving the needs of organisers, exhibitors and visitors moving goods and services in and out of an event. The Deliv2 events team can service all of your needs.


The Deliv2 concept was born from a discussion between two entrepreneurs about how to deliver goods around towns and cities cleanly and efficiently.

Malcolm Evans

Malcolm's visionary and innovative skills bring a background in design, engineering and industrial supply chain. This has been instrumental in developing the Deliv2 vision and e-vehicles specifically for this commercial daily application.


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